Welcome to the Biology Bubble!

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10 thoughts on “Welcome to the Biology Bubble!

  1. Hannah. Great blog. Your humor runs over into your posts, they are fun to read (if a bit babble) and funny. Adding your own way of saying things makes it easier to understand, and causes it to stay in your brain longer because you are laughing. 🙂

  2. awesome website! great to know that high school bio knowledge is actually making a real life difference. Keep this up even after the year is over. It’s an excellent way to turn what you learn to truly yours.

  3. Hannah,

    Super (avec un accent francais)! This AP Bio class looks like it was a lot of fun, and it seems that you had many truly unique learning experiences. Your blog posts actually prompted me to look up zSpace, which I will now recommend to some people I know who are really dedicated to STEM programs in the Bay Area. Thanks for that!

    I was also very pleased to see that AP Bio has taught you an incredibly important life lesson that I hope you never forget: you are smarter than even google. In the words of Saint Julie, “Ah, qu’il est bon, le bon dieu”!

  4. Peer Review:
    Hannah- great work on your site. Your blog posts are interesting and too the point, and I love the way you always include some interesting tie-in to something you relate to. It makes everything more detailed and personal. I love the number of polls you include in your blog post, and the way you talk to the audience and address questions toward the audience. In terms of suggestions, there are a few phrasings that I would look into. The intro on your front page is creatively done, and I like how you used prezi to teach us about yourself. The projects and investigations are fun to see and easy to find- I love the layout you chose.

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