F.L.O.W.ing Thoughts

Re-visit one of your routine days and recall how many times you come across water. Let me help you out.  When you wake up in the morning, you probably go to the sink and open the tap, having water come out to brush your teeth, wash your face, and whatever else. Then you might go to your shower or tub and open up more taps to have water come out and just enjoy the flow of cold or hot water throughout your body and just feel the feeling of getting clean.  Later, you eat breakfast with cereal, blueberries, orange juice and believe it or not most of those foods contain water. And after that, throughout the day, you drink a few bottles of water and wash you hands a few times. Anyway you get the point, water is important, we use it a lot for sanitation and hydration, it has just got to be there.

What if you didn’t have water? No water comes out of your taps and no bottles filled with water, foods that don’t have water in them, no rain or lakes, oceans and as a result no…you!water dropble

A few class periods ago my AP Biology class watched the movie F.L.O.W. which stands for, For the Love of Water. Before hearing that title, I did not really think about loving water. For me it’s everywhere and plus  I’m in high school I don’t  even have the time to think about anything including my feelings for water. That’s why it was wonderful to have my eyes opened to the importance of water. The movie F.L.O.W. did a great job of bringing to the forefront an issue many people including me have ignored or not  even known existed. Most of us take for granted the privilege we have of opening a tap and having an abundance of the liquid marvel just gush out.

Water is a basic necessity and is so important that an entire chapter in the AP Biology textbook is dedicated to that one compound! Water provides homes for a variety of organisms and allows life to prosper.

As mentioned in the movie, just like the sky, isn’t water is for everyone? Then why is it some people do not have access to clean water or have to fight for it?

Surprisingly, people in our own country of the United States of America suffer from  situation of having to fight for their water.

Communities in Africa, India and throughout the world can’t afford to buy water. Ok so it takes money to have water coming out of a pipe, but is it necessary to get that money back from people who are so poor, they probably haven’t owned a 1 cm wood-shaving’s worth of money.

As posed by the movie this problem is a result of water being viewed as a commodity rather than a necessity for life.

I guess it helps out the economy, in a way, but as I said before what about those people who don’t have the money to buy water, or the people who’s water supplies are being re-routed by the companies that “own ” the water so they don’t have access to the water they have been living off of? Do we just ignore them and let them suffer the lack of pure water?

water 12

Maybe you just don’t care…but what if it effects you. What if I told you, and this doesn’t have to be true, you just never know, but what if the water in one of your bottles you have stacked up in your house or a  morsel of  water flowing out of your taps contains a bacteria that could get you really sick…maybe even…let’s not think of it. Hopefully, your water is clean and your most likely not going to die from drinking it, which is probably the case. But I probably got you thinking there…at least for a second right. If that was the case and I told you there are people to blamed for it…I’m sure you would get mad. It’s really different when you put yourself into the shoes of others. For some people this is a reality. In fact the only water they have is so dirty its prone to killing them; it is not a one in a million chance for them.

Many protests have occurred as a result of the denial of access to clean water. Many brave people have stood up for others with a love, anger and passion which boils down to one thing- WATER for everybody. And believe it or not they believe their voices will be heard!

To what extent does what I just wrote about have you wanting to do something about the lack of an access to clean water for people?

Learn more and start taking action against this by signing the petition – Article 31 which states ALL people have the right to the access of clean water.



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