Save The Bay Reflection

Three Things I learned!

I learned that plants can be perennial and annual. Perennial is when a plant’s lifetime takes longer than a year which is what annual plants do. Mustard plants, the non-native plants of the bay have taken over. They don’t provide the organisms by the bay as much as what they need as what the native plants provide. This is because the mustard plants die off too soon since they are annual and the native plants are perennial. The native plants give organisms a more long-term shelter or habitat.

Plants need energy to live. Plants by the bay looked like they were dead, but they were still alive. What happens is that the plant has a scarce amount of energy sources so all the nutrients are sent to the roots, where the nutrients are needed most. I also learned how to determine the biodiversity of an area based on the Simpson’s Biodiversity index.

Here are some pictures of the Bay!

save the bay picture          save the bay nice picture

Connecting to Class! The native plants of the Bay have adapted to ” approximately perfect” living on the native soil they have been living on for years. People have made levees using concrete and other material which does not provide the same nutrients and environment for the native plants as their native soil and ends up killing them. This is an example of adaptation a piece of evolution and also an example of how hurtful people have been towards the bay. We used parts of the scientific experiment which we learned in class to determine the biodiversity of areas in the bay.

Article about the SF Bay:

I will remember eating by the bay with a water body right next to me, and drinking from a non-reusable water bottle which I made sure to recycle.

The service learning aspect of the trip impacted me by showing me how rewarding it is to help out the environment and how simple it is to make a difference by just pulling out mustard plants. It makes want to do things like this more often.

What could be added to the trip could be a part where you look for the native animals of the bay and see if you can find any. I would definitely recommend this trip for others its a truly rewarding experience.

The field trip was worthwhile, I learned a lot about the environment and how non-native species hurt the environment they are in. It should definitely be done again it opens your eyes on what difference you can make towards the environment even if its a small one.



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