A Right to an Education

College studentsI have been going to school ever since I was….three or four. Its been more than 10 years since I first started school. And the second I started I just could not wait to get out. Can’t believe I have only two years left of school. Yeah, two more years of school and then a MINIMUM of four years of college. Guess its just never ending for me. For now the the weekends have to keep me satisfied, but I still have homework and tests reminding me of school throughout my “school-less” weekends. Ah, if only I could spend my days watching my favorite TV shows, Youtube videos, listening to my favorite songs, going to the movies, Starbucks, the mall, hanging out with friends, if only life was like that. If there was a ban in California against girls going to school….I don’t know about you, but I would probably be rejoicing inside. Coming from this mindset, I was thinking about why  a 14 year old girl in Pakistan would want to stand up for her rights and get shot in the head by doing so, all this TO GO TO SCHOOL. This is what Malala Yousafzai did.

Going to an all-girls Catholic High School in the San Francisco Bay, I have always been told I am very privileged and I agree. The environment is extremely safe and friendly. I guess we experience segregation here in a type of way (no boys), but that’s a decision. There are plenty of choices out there, I didn’t have to come here- I chose to so I can focus on academics and get good grades:) Although, if I was in charge of this system…it would be nice if we did not have to go to school at all.

So what was the logic behind Malala’s thinking? To understand this I thought I had to do something drastic, but all I had to do was put myself into my baby shoes and remember myself, how I was before school started….miserable. Yeah, to think!  It was very hard, not knowing how to read anything or do math. I thought I was missing out on a lot. That made me understand Malala and her reasons for doing the “outrageous’ thing she did.


Education as stressful as it is, is a privilege. It has opened my eyes to see things in various different ways, and has given me various different outlooks and perspectives on life and hidden worlds you could have never known existed, like the atomic world of Chemistry or the cellular world of Biology. If science is not your thing maybe the language world of English or Spanish or number world of math.

Up till now, I have been rambling from the perspective of an impractical, ignorant teenager, but the fact is education is absolutely mandatory. For girls, it encourages independence through allowing financial stability, according to each girl’s ability. It cultivates a healthier lifestyle. As hinted in the KQED Education website, especially in places like Pakistan if girls focus on their education and have careers it is encouraged to make healthier decisions with families. For example, child marriage can be averted and also having a family with fewer children, which is healthier for women.

All in all, all people should be guaranteed the right to an education.


4 thoughts on “A Right to an Education

  1. I agree with you. A lot of students now say they wish that there wasn’t school or complain about school. However, I think we should feel grateful because not all kids get to go to school. Plus if we didnt get to go to school we would be thinking the exact opposite. It would be hard not being able to read or write.

  2. Your humorous introduction really caught my eye and made me want to read more. This is a good way to get your reader’s attention. You are also absolutely right about how education is a privilege. Most of us don’t realize that until we look at other societies where some people are not allowed to go to school, such as young women in Pakistan. We are very fortunate and should work towards allowing all children to go to school.

  3. This is something that I have thought about as well! We are so privileged as private school students in the Bay Area. All we ever talk about is getting out of school, while there are some out there in the world who wish they could go to school. I definitely think that this is an eye opener to us and how we think about school on an everyday basis.

  4. Hey I was going back through our posts and I know I posted this before, but I thought of something new. How far do we go to get more education? Do we offer it up to High School? Is High School enough? For a lot of poor countries, even going to high school can make a huge difference. However, this won’t further there knowledge and help the country’s economy prosper. In fact, most jobs are hard to do without a college education. In America, it would be next to impossible to get a good job with just a high school diploma. Its interesting how here education is taken for granted. Especially when in some countries, people don’t even make it to high school let alone go to college.

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