Under the Sea

Imagining I was a mermaid was exactly what I did at the the Live Webinar about underwater happenings. underwater pics

The webinar was basically a marine biologist who talked about advances in technology in accordance with marine biology, what happens underwater and sharks. The speaker was really passionate about sharks and shared a lot about them. He brought to my attention  how the shark population is steadily declining.

The fact that sharks reproduce once in years does not help there population decline in anyway. Although many think of sharks as big, bad, blood-thristy creatures sharks are not as harmful and to be feared as depicted in Jaws and as the common notion of sharks goes. Sharks are beautiful creatures and their presence helps maintain the ecosystem.

Tiger sharks are rather large from about 15-18 feet long and prey on large animals. They are so unique and also so strong they can eat through a turtle shell and turn their stomachs inside out. Certain sharks can also live in freshwater. For example, bull sharks can live in freshwater for the first few years of their lives this helps prevent them from being prey to bigger sharks.

underwater pics1Apart from sharks I was introduced to something that seems really ground-breaking in terms of what can be possible in the future…Aquarius. Aquarius is basically a stationary submarine located 60 ft. underwater and  is about the size of a school bus. Aquarius serves as a house- in a way for marine biologists that want to spend more time underwater to do research. Their air supply comes from the “Life Support Buoy” located above the water. The marine biologists transport equipment and belongings from land through objects called pots to Aquarius. People can stay in Aquarius for months and more at a time. The cool things that could result from the existence of Aquarius seems unfathomable. If something happens to the earth  instead of going to the moon maybe we could build cities and stay on earth by seeking refuge underwater. Aquarius seems like it comes write out of a sci-fi movie, but to think its real life. Wonder what Ariel would say about this? What if Prince Eric came down to live underwater with Ariel without turning into a mermaid?

Find out more about Aquarius at their website:




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