The Outrageous Case of Owls

Since the dawn of the industrial revolution and long before, man has had a tendency to tinker with nature and the well-established cycles that have brought creation thus far. So the question is- where do we stop? In our own selfish conquests for material gain and power we have pushed numerous species to the edge of the cliff. Some we have already pushed off the cliff and others attempting to hit the brakes and move back. But to what extent do we reverse, if at all necessary? This is a topic of controversy mankind is forced to ponder.

Today there exists is an adorable species of owls known as the spotted owls which. Unfortunately, these owls are at the brink of extinction. Human development has caused this to happen and now we are trying to atone for our sins by trying to get this species back and up and running. A species that looks very much like the rare spotted owls of the far-western Americas is attempting to take over. These owls are barred owls, they are larger, and more aggressive than the spotted ones. Unfortunately, these owls have been over-taking the spotted owls, increasing competition and making life much harder for the spotted owls. But never fear, the omniscient and all-powerful human beings have come to their rescue, killing barred owls and “helping” the spotted owls and saving the world by doing so. Some might call this a clever solution, and a way of repenting for causing what killed off a good number of the spotted owls, I call it stupidity. owls

When a toddler spills water on tiles, the obvious choice would be to wipe the water off of the tiles. That is something we can do. Now say their is a piece of paper on the tiles which is quite important and the toddler spills water on that. Do we wipe the piece of paper with the rough towel you used for the tiles, along with the threat of ripping through the paper while wiping it. In this case the better solution would be to do nothing and just wait for the piece of paper to dry, don’t you think? This is similar to what people need to do in the barred owls scenario, which is unfortunate cause the latter is what is being done now.

When Neanderthals roamed the Earth so did our ancestors. Had some “superior” species intervened killing us off, so the Neanderthals could survive what would have happened? Here is what I think would have happened. The Neanderthals were just not fit for the environment. It was time for them to go. If they had stayed, their years of suffering would have only elongated. Now what about biodiversity you ask? Well now we are the ones here and it is less diverse without the Neanderthals. Well sorry to tell you this but people now have changed into being quite different from one another. Not enough you say, well I kind of agree but some things, sorry to tell you this, we just cannot change and need to be left to chance.

Also what human nature is prone to do is over-doing; what if our ignorance causes the barred owl species to run low and die out, the diversity brought by those owls will be lost. What will we do then? And also killing to make more, just think about that for a moment, doesn’t that seem a little pointless- flawed logic. Yes, we can do our best to get back the perfection once existent on earth, but in some cases it is best to let go and let nature take its course. We have done the damage. Intervening when nature is trying to self-correct will cause only more damage, and regret on your part. That is why I believe we should not get involved in the barred and spotted owls scenario, allowing nature to take its course. All in all, I do not believe in killing one species to save another. If this makes you feel sad and useless then go home and drink some wine… if you are under-age then Coke or Pepsi.


Sorry you can’t change everything. If you really want to do something it is best to do things that start at the root cause. This prevents destruction of species at the earliest stages which is the most effective. Take shorter showers, use re-usable water bottles and lunches and unplug outlets when possible. Although this seems insignificant, a change is a change.


2 thoughts on “The Outrageous Case of Owls

  1. Interesting- definitely made me think. The argument you present is sound- won’t we just, in some not-to distant future, wish we had spared the barn owls? Thanks for sharing your opinions- I love the suggestions you make for things we can change.

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