Influence on Human Behavior

Behavior is the way people respond to stimuli. Each and every individual reacts to things in different ways. A person’s behavior is a part of their personality and makes someone who they are. Over time society has seemed to come up with general traits that seem more desirable over others. Scientists have found a way to genetically modify so that there will be alterations in people’s behavior. Although things that are annoying and hard to deal with (like toddler tantrums and hyper-aggressiveness) can be eliminated, what are the down-sides? The down-sides seem to overtake the advantages. A person’s behavior is very complex and although certain generalizations have been made there are always outliers. Over time the process of natural selection has filtered out a lot of traits that are not necessary anymore. This is something that happens naturally, anyway. Also are scientists sure that what they will do brings about the changes they say it will? A person’s behavior is a part of their personality, changing up behavior is like changing someone’s personality.north america
Today in North America people are guaranteed survival on a much larger scale than a thousand years ago. Things our ancestors did like living in much harder conditions, going out hunting, and being able to protect themselves from predators all required instincts, the last traces of which exist in us today. Now-a-days people do not require a keen sense of smell in order to smell out food or predators. We do not need to toil in the fields for hours either to get a decent crop yield, a lot of it is done by machines. Most of us get our food, readily plucked and gathered, from restaurants and grocery stores, not much need for a keen sense of smell in that. Throughout the years our genetic material has been altered resulting in a decreased ability of smelling. But that is completely fine because it is not necessary to our survival anyway. Much like this, instincts that we still do need are still here. For example whenever an object comes too close to your eyes, or a sudden movement occurs, you close your eyes. We have instincts that we need to keep us alive. A toddler tantrum is hard to deal with and annoying, but it is necessary to think hard about eliminating certain factors (such as decreasing hormones) so that these toddler tantrums do not occur. But this is a part of the toddler’s personality and who the toddler is at the moment, is it right to want to change that? The toddler needs to be taught to be a good toddler and not start tantrums and is very capable of being taught that. As a parent, certain occurrences should be expected, it’s part of the parenting experience. With the right amount of teaching and guidance the toddler tantrums will be a thing of the past. As seen throughout history the instincts we do not need for our survival are steadily being filtered out in a natural way.toddler
Although there are certain things that scientists can control and change in order to eliminate behavior traits, there is no guarantee these traits will be eliminated. In a study conducted, testosterone was administered to a group of women and another group of women were not administered anything. The women who were not administered anything were told they were given testosterone. Contrary to expectation, the women who were not administered testosterone demonstrated more domineering “testosterone qualities,” while the women who were administered testosterone were less aggressive and more fair and generous. In another study conducted on men with XYY karyotypes show how men with this karyotype are more aggressive because their bodies produce more testosterone. Scientists have come to a conclusion that these men are not more aggressive because of higher levels of testosterone but because of the excessive acne and height that results from the karyotype, and the loneliness and isolation these boys face in society as a result. Although the latter example was a demonstration of a karyotype and not genetic both were examples of how the environment can influence people at times even more than what was genetically given.
The genetic composition of people is part of what makes us who we are but more than what our DNA says our environment has a huge impact on us. Our environment, the people we around, the food we eat and everything we are exposed to is what determines what traits will stay and which will be nurtured whether they are good or bad. Environment should decide what factors stay and what do not. Altering genetic information is too much of a risk and morally questionable. This is a human being’s personality that is being tinkered with and also there is no guarantee that the expected results are what are going to manifest. Also even if the “bad behaviors” are eliminated there is no guarantee that society can’t influence the person so that these bad behaviors reappear. This is why human behavior should not be genetically altered. meme

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