This weekend I was in Chinatown. I was just enjoying the bustling markets, walking down the streets and passing by the various shops. What caught my eye the most were the Chinese pharmacies. The ancient Chinese techniques of acupuncture and medicine have been pondered on by many modern day medical experts. Of these Chinese medical […]


This year our AP Biology Class took a lot of field trips, but I think that our zSPACE field trip was the most fun. I really liked this field trip for a lot of reasons. For one, it was just our AP Biology class that went so it was a small group of people and […]

Taking AP Biology

Taking AP Biology as a sophomore was a very interesting experience. It was nice that the class size was small which really worked well because I think being a small class really let us bond well together and work well. At first I was a little scared of the thought that I would be one […]

The Evolution of the Biology Bubble

This was the first time I have created a blog so this was definitely a new, eye-opening experience for me. This blog was also a big part of being of my AP Biology class. The website was a great way of reflecting and putting together what I learned for others to see. My first blog […]