This weekend I was in Chinatown. I was just enjoying the bustling markets, walking down the streets and passing by the various shops. What caught my eye the most were the Chinese pharmacies. The ancient Chinese techniques of acupuncture and medicine have been pondered on by many modern day medical experts. Of these Chinese medical treatments, one aspect would be herbalism. herbsHerbalism is otherwise known as botanical medicine and is one of the most ancient form of medical treatment. It has been used by various ancient civilizations including the ancient Egyptians, Chinese and Indians. In present-day herbalists say that herbal medicine can help a variety of diseases including asthma, arthritis and some even say cancer. But to what extent do we have evidence to support this proposition. Of course as you would, like with any other regular drug, you need the right amount of the herb or drugs in order to be treated properly. These herbs can be misused as seen with cannabis (marijuana), but Tylenol and aspirin can be misused just as much. A recent study shows that Echinacea, a Native American form of treating depression, has the ability to boost the immune system just as much as the anti-depressants found at a drug-store. It is also necessary to keep in mind that herbs are the basis of modern-day drugs. For example aspirin comes from willow bark and the painkiller form of morphine comes from opium poppy. Scientists have greatly modified these herbs that have been used directly used for over thousand years and even today and made these herbs into the necessities we cannot live without today.herbs 2 Extra chemicals and substances have been added to make these herbal treatments more efficient. Although scientists were able to add all these substances they are not entirely sure about what exactly it is that makes these herbs medicinal in the first place. Whether modern-day herbalism is more or less reliable and effective than the usual drugs we get in our drug-store one thing must be remembered. Everything we own even if we call it man-made comes from something in the earth. And for medicine a good portion of it has its foundation in the ever-old ancient methods of herbalism.


2 thoughts on “Herbalism

  1. This was really interesting to me. Many herbs are used to make these scientific drugs, but in my opinion nothing is better then scientifically proved drugs. Herbs alone maybe can help but they usually do not cure or treat. Yes I agree most of our “man-made” drugs come from plants, but there are other aspects then just the herbs. Medicine can save peoples lives thats why I don’t understand why some people refuse to take medicine. This really made me think Hannah. Good post! πŸ™‚

  2. Nicely written πŸ™‚ This reminded me of the Medical Uses part of Plant Mania. Herbalism is such a fascinating subject and one that deserves more study. Thank you for sharing your experience and this information.

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