Taking AP Biology

Taking AP Biology as a sophomore was a very interesting experience. It was nice that the class size was small which really worked well because I think being a small class really let us bond well together and work well. At first I was a little scared of the thought that I would be one of the youngest in the class, but the other girls in my class were really nice, approachable and fun to work with. We learned a lot of things this year starting from the chapter about the organization about life, water to evolution to the human body to life skills. I remember the diffusion lab we did in the very beginning of the year where the whole class got together and designed and carried out an experiment. That was one of our first bonding experiences and that taught me that lots of things are possible. I did not think we were capable of finishing that experiment on our own, when our teacher gave us the instructions, but we did. I also loved the frequent field trips in the class.sea star pic They were a good break from the monotonous classroom setting. My favorite was zSPACE because it was so much fun digitally pulling apart critters and putting them back together. Also something I learned a lot about this year were organ systems. Although the pigs smelled really bad, there is no better way of learning than through a live, hands-on experience. Through the pig dissection process I got to see organs such as the heart and intestines which are only things I have imagined or seen on screens before. Painting the veins and arteries was a good way to represent veins and arteries.pig dissection Overall I learned to do a lot of things including developing skills that are not an abstract part of the school curriculum like researching. In one of our first projects which was about photosynthesis, me and my partner, Carly, chose a question to base our project on. The question was: What diseases affect photosynthesis in plants? At first, when we typed into Google we were not able to find much solid information. This really scared me as I thought Google always had the answer to everything. But I learned to refine my searches so that I was able to get bits and pieces of the information we needed which allowed us to piece everything together later. Later in the year I did another project about plants, this time it was about carnivorous plants. In this project I learned to use a variety of presentation tools with my partner, Grace.venus fly trap I had a lot of fun learning about carnivorous plants and how they are not exactly carnivorous. All in all, this class was an amazing experience and definitely something I would recommend taking.


One thought on “Taking AP Biology

  1. I am so glad you were part of Team AP Bio 2014! The class would not have been the same without you. There were so many great experiences we had together. Reading this post reminding me of some of those adventures. I liked hearing that a lab could be a class bonding experience. That was great feedback. We accomplished so much this year…TOGETHER 🙂

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