The Evolution of the Biology Bubble

This was the first time I have created a blog so this was definitely a new, eye-opening experience for me. This blogbiolgoy website was also a big part of being of my AP Biology class. The website was a great way of reflecting and putting together what I learned for others to see. My first blog post was the SAVE THE BAY reflection which was really basic. I just answered the questions our teacher asked us for it and added some pictures. Over time I learned how to embed polls, links and insert images making my posts more engaging. As I look through everything I have posted I can see how my ability of conveying my message to others has improved through learning various methods of using technology. The very first thing I did for my website was the Prezi which was an introduction to me. Although I encountered problems with embedding the Prezi I learned how to insert a link changing the title of the link and embedding a view of the Prezi. Looking back at the Prezi I see how my interests have developed and changed over a course of one year. This makes me glad I made this website because its “living proof” of me and how I have changed and grown throughout this year. The blog posts were an amazing way for me to reflect on all the projects and activities that were done over the course of the year. It allows me to document not only what happened, but also my thoughts and viewpoints on things. I think blogging is a great part of a course and can be incorporated into any course. It is a great way of documenting and recording everything that has happened. It is a great digital reference to see all the things that have been covered throughout the year in this course. The website was also a good place for me to put everything I did throughout the year like projects and labs. I am really pleased with my website, how everything looks and everything I wrote about. tech


One thought on “The Evolution of the Biology Bubble

  1. I am super pleased with your work on this site! I loved watching it evolve over the year. Your writing has developed as well. It is so fun to have a digital “journal” of your year and this site really demonstrates how much you have grown. Keep up the blogging even if you aren’t required to by another class.

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