This year our AP Biology Class took a lot of field trips, but I think that our zSPACE field trip was the most fun. I really liked this field trip for a lot of reasons. For one, it was just our AP Biology class that went so it was a small group of people and I knew all of them. But even more amazing was what we did. What we basically did was we went to this big room filled with screens with all kinds of animals. zspace 4The animals included starfish, lobster, a normal fish and other creatures. We wore 3-D glasses and with these glasses we were able to dissect the creatures giving us an augmented reality experience of dissecting organisms. This made learning so much more fun than just memorizing the parts from a paper diagram or dealing with the smell and parts of the real thing. This experience also showed me how much is possible with technology. We can use technology for many things including entertainment and education. I am jealous of kids of the future who get more fun learning experiences than us (of course they would not know what we went through and would probably be complaining just like us, like we do, not knowing what previous generations go through). Anyway, my favorite part of zSPACE was the explode feature, where you get to put the creature together and then press the explode button and have all its parts flying everywhere. zspace 2I loved pulling the parts apart and putting them in places where they would not usually be. The jellyfish was beautiful on the screen but not as fun to play with because it did not have as many parts. The lobster was a lot of fun to play as it was really big on the screen and fun to pull apart and put together and explode. Something else that was really cool was the projector screen onto which the zSPACE screen would show and when I held the stylus a certain way the creature would show on the screen as if it had popped out of the screen into reality. All in all, it was an amazing experience and gave me a different perspective on biology and how biology can be taught.


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